3D Footbed Shoe Fitting: $50

-Plus cost of the footbed

We believe the bike fit starts at the foot.  We dove into this area and traveled to convention shows where we could research materials and products that would allow us to build the best footbeds. We set up our in-house fabrication facility to allow us to make the world’s best ultralight and supportive custom footbeds.

So many riders use stock or off the shelf footbeds which is better than not having anything in the shoe. A custom is important because every foot is so different and the goal is to provide full alignment and even  pressure distribution for the foot structure. This will decrease pain, increase performance and decrease potential injury.

In the majority of cases people have an elevation of the (first ray big toe joint) That means their big toe sits higher than the others when the ankle is in its most neutral and or collapsed position, this is called pronation and In order to generate power during the cycling stroke the foot collapses and pronates [rotates inwards] until the first toe area sufficiently contacts the sole of the shoe to transfer power. When the foot collapse occurs at the back to mid foot areas of the arch all the stability is lost and this does not allow the full engagement of the foot evenly and more pressure is applied to lateral area of forefoot causing pressure and hotspots. This decreases the power transfer between the body and the pedal. This also increases pressure along the lateral column of the forefoot, and it increases the potential irregular tracking patterns of the proximal joints ankle, knee, pelvis throughout the cycling revolution, which increases fatigue and overtime injury.


Footbed facts and goals:


  1. To support and allow even amount of pressure across the whole lateral forefoot but to not overload it as the full foot will be supported. This prevents pushing only with toes.


  1. The mid to rear of the foot is just as important as the forefoot and helps to unload pressure point between 1st to 5 metatarsals.


  1. Foot when supported correctly acts as a rudder to guide the knees and the hips. Often the hips can over power the feet and can act as a steering wheel due to ilium alignment and tightness that can cause the mal-tracking of the knees due to the lack of support of the foot.


  1. Decrease soft tissue wear in knee joint especially patellar syndrome, do to articulate cartilage wear.


  1. Imagine your knee is a bearing and the goal is to decrease load and Align the skeletal so the body can move even without adding pressure to medial or lateral knee joints soft tissue.

We have several Footbed/Insole options. This includes interfacing the Footbed and shoe to work together.

3D Footbed insole Shoe Fitting options:

Custom cycling Footbed/Insoles.  $175.00

Light weight Custom cycling Footbed insoles. These are nice at only 25 grams! each. $225.00

Running/ Sport Footbed/Insoles  $225.00 for triathletes or runners.

Ski custom Footbed/Insoles $225.00

Why does a bike studio offer ski because we love skiing and similar to cycling it’s so important to have the base support to control the imputes.

Approx. 1-1.5 Hour for all Footbeds while you wait, or come in for scan and pop back to pick up to save you time.


Please bring all related cycling shoes, running shoes, ski boots, or walking to appointment.

If your feet are in pain, going numb, or if you’re experiencing hot foot, 3D Shoe Fitting will be your solution.

3D Shoe Fitting Details:

● Complete foot exam

● Shoe sizing If new shoes are needed we carry cycling road shoes only.

● Hand made heat molded Form fitted custom footbed

● Built in forefoot and heel correction

● Varus/valgus correction if needed



Note:  This service is not a bike fitting. $50 deposit is for appointment and foot examine.