3D Footbed Shoe Fitting: $50

At 3D Bike fit we believe that everything starts at the foot. It makes sense, how can you fit a rider when they don’t have a solid foundation? To this end, we have always tired to source the best orthotics. We reviewed multiple orthotics from multiple manufacturers and none of them met our standards. So we took the next logical step and built our very own custom footbed shop. Complete with grinding wheels, oven, shaping, molding and cutting machines. Our in-house fabrication facility is specifically built to allow us to make the world’s best ultralight and supportive custom footbeds. Our footbeds help improve your skeletal alignment which helps control knee stability and improves pedal stroke while warding off injury which helps stabilize hip control on the bike, running, or skiing. At 3D Bikefit we are the only fit studio that can build you a handmade custom footbed during this visit or during a bike fit.

We have several Footbed/Insole options. This includes interfacing the Footbed and shoe to work together.

3D Footbed insole Shoe Fitting options:

Custom cycling Footbed/Insoles.  $175.00

Light weight Custom cycling Footbed insoles. These are nice at only 25 grams! each. $225.00

Running/ Sport Footbed/Insoles  $225.00 for triathletes or runners.

Ski custom Footbed/Insoles $225.00

Why does a bike studio offer ski because we love skiing and similar to cycling it’s so important to have the base support to control the imputes.

Approx. 1-1.5 Hour for all Footbeds while you wait, or come in for scan and pop back to pick up to save you time.


Please bring all related cycling shoes, running shoes, ski boots, or walking to appointment.

If your feet are in pain, going numb, or if you’re experiencing hot foot, 3D Shoe Fitting will be your solution.

3D Shoe Fitting Details:

● Complete foot exam

● Shoe sizing If new shoes are needed we carry cycling road shoes only.

● Hand made heat molded Form fitted custom footbed

● Built in forefoot and heel correction

● Varus/valgus correction if needed



Note:  This service is not a bike fitting.