Bike Sizing Service

Our sizing services are for customers looking to purchase a new bike or undertake a custom bike build. We offer unique sizing fitting options that permits a cyclist to find out what bike size is going to permit an optimum fit to achieve the best possible position and meet their particular needs. To that end, each of our avaialble sizing options outlined below will provide any rider with the most appropriate assessment and resulting recommedations for your individual needs.

Fit comes first, or at least it should. Buying a new bike can be a truly daunting task and there is a lot of noise to cut through, there are color options, brands, sales and service deals, components specs, and shop employees involved in this decision. Unfortunately, fit rarely comes first in this process. So often the most important issue, the bicycle’s actual geometry is overlooked. We’ve decided to change things. At 3D Bikefit we so often see people who paid several thousand dollars for a great bike that will never match their body as well as another bike might have, and while we’ll never sell you a bike we will help you find one that can fit you properly.


Standard Sizing: $75

APPROX. 30min-1 hour

Our sizing services are for customers looking to purchase a new stock geometry road bike.The session generally takes about an hour and includes an in­depth consultation on riding history and goals, body  measurements and a flexibility analysis. This data is then used to find the optimum geometry and frame size for your  future bike. This is not a bike fitting it is a physical assessment of your body to give a close approximation of what road bike  frames will come closest to fitting your body.


Sizing Service Details:

● Rider Interview

● Flexibility Assessment

● Rider Measurements

● List of standard Road bikes

● Returning clients get $25 credit towards bike fitting

Note: Standard Sizing option is not a bike fit, this service is provided for guidance on Road Bikes only


3D Sizing Fit: $475

(Road, Cross, Tri, Track and Mountain Bikes Approx. 4 Hours)

This Fitting is for anyone looking to find the perfect geometry for his or her next bike. This fitting combines our four sided video analysis system with our tow sided Retul system. This Process Process is best used for riders who want to determine the geomtry for a new custom frame or want to apply very precise metrics to a production bike. As part of this fitting we will provide you with all the documentation and information you need to go out and get the right bike with correct stack and reach to match your anatomy. This fitting is designed to help riders find the right bike for their body based real metrics derived from your complete contact point profile.

As an added service 3D Bikefit will do the final setup for your bike so that you know your measurements and contact points are exact for an additional $125

Fit Details:

● Rider Interview

● Physical Assessment

● Flexibility Assessment

● Leg Length Discrepancy Analysis

● Fit Documentation

● Cleat/Shoe Alignment

● Q Angle & pedal stance assessment

● Specialized BG 3D Video Analysis

● Retul 3D Motion Capture

● Orthotic Assessment

● Saddle Fit Assessment (For Best Pelvic Rotation)

● Handle Bar Positioning/Fitting

● Optimum crank length determination

● Bicycle geometry determination

● Leg Length Discrepancy Correction

● Varus/Valgus Cleat/Shoe Shimming


Please note: Feel free to bring your cycling shoes, pedals, saddle, etc to the fitting however, these items are not required as we do sell the necessary accessories in stock to complete a full contact point profile from scratch to achieve the optimal fit.


Size Transfer Service:$125

For Clients who have done a fitting with us and have upgraded there bikes but need the new metrics. This is what your looking for, We take out 2 hrs to make sure that the numbers are transferred over and give you the option to try it out before you leave so we know we have it right. Of course it only works out with the right saddle,stem, pedal and handlebar (From the old fit or purchase new) which we will put on so we know the numbers are spot on for your new bike.


Size transfer details:

● Putting on new components

● Transferring numbers over

● Test out before you leave

● Hang out and talk about what’s new